Friday 25th May 2018

Learning to Fly

We offer top quality training from the best instructors in the Bay Area. Instruction is available for beginner pilots wanting to learn to fly, and advanced pilots seeking instrument or commercial licenses.

Private Pilot License

A private pilot license is the most popular pilot certification, opening the door to the freedom of the skies. Our instructors will take you from absolute beginner to qualified pilot able to fly you and passengers safely.

Instrument Rating

An instrument rating is a logical progression for a private pilot. This allows you to operate in IFR conditions, dramatically increasing your flexibility for flight planning.

Commercial Pilot

Ready to take a step forward to becoming a professional pilot. This license type allows you to operate as a pilot and get paid for your work.

Multi Engine Rating

Want to fly bigger and more powerful multi-engine aircraft, or just improve your aviation skills and capabilities? Talk to us about multi-engine training.


Interested in rotorcraft training? Advantage Aviation has partnered with Sirius Flying to provide ground and flight instruction for helicopter pilots.


Advantage Aviation has a few new aerobatic aircraft that joined the fleet – we have specialists in Aerobatics and advanced maneuver training. Courses include formation flying, Aerobatics, Upset Recovery training and back country bush flying.

Flight Simulators

Learning complex aircraft systems and skills can be easier, safer and more cost effective on the ground. Check out our range of FAA-approved flight simulators.

G1000 Training

Advantage Aviation has a fleet of G1000 aircraft and a precision flight G1000 simulator. There is no other flight training organization in California that can provide the level of G1000 training than that of Advantage Aviation.

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