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Advantage Aviation – Premier Bay Area Flight Club

Advantage Aviation’s philosophy is simple: Provide our members with the best flight club experience in the Bay Area at prices that are competitive with clubs offering a fraction of our amenities.

Thinking About Joining?

Are you a member of another local flight club? Thinking about switching to a new flight club? Just getting interested in learning how to fly? We invite all prospective club members to stop in and check out our facilities, amenities, aircraft fleet, and speak with our instructors and staff.

We’ll even encourage to talk to a few other flight clubs in the area to see how we stack up. We know that you’ll quickly realize that Advantage Aviation truly is considered to be the best flight club in the Bay Area. We know you’ll appreciate:

1. The Best Facilities

From the moment you step through the door, you’ll see the Advantage Aviation difference. Our clubhouse features  a comfortable waiting area with sumptuous leather seating, big screen TV, and a fully staffed reception desk during normal operating hours.

You just won’t find a warmer welcome at any other flight club. Our members and their guests just love it!  It’s a first impression that you won’t find elsewhere– especially valuable if you’re looking to impress a guest, or provide a confidence-inspiring environment for a nervous passenger!

Our club is fully equipped with the latest computer technology for pre-flight planning, as well as a number of training rooms with state-of-the-art simulator and AV equipment, a crew kitchen, and clean restrooms.

Finally, when you are ready to depart, step out to the parking apron and find your aircraft steps from the clubhouse– no more hikes to the furthest outreaches of the airfield!

2. The Newest Fleet

Choose Advantage Aviation

Advantage Aviation proudly offers the newest fleet of rental aircraft available anywhere in the Bay Area. Many of our aircraft are equipped with G1000 glass-cockpit avionics, plus we have a growing selection of newer aircraft with traditional six-pack equipment.

We have a variety of training aircraft (C-152/C-172/PA-28/), as well as more versatile and higher performance planes such as Cessna 182T, T206H and Cirrus SR22 aircraft for those longer trips.

3. Incredible In-House Maintenance

Advantage Aviation In House Maintenance

Advantage Aviation Maintenance is our own in-house maintenance facility and we are now a Cessna and Beechcraft certified service center. We service our own fleet, and are available for to service private aircraft, too. By maintaining all our aircraft in-house, we provide our members with higher availability and our aircraft owners benefit from higher up-time. Plus everyone enjoys the peace of mind and security knowing that our fleet is meticulously maintained by a staff that knows each aircraft well and who are dedicated to operating the safest fleet possible.

4. Experienced Professional Instructors & Staff

The Advantage Aviation staff is truly exceptional. You’ll find a fully-staffed reception area ready to provide assistance for you and your guests during normal operating hours. We also have some of the finest full-time and part-time professional flight instructors in the area. The instructors at Advantage Aviation are career instructors, focused on teaching safe flying skill to pilots.

We simply do not employ “time-builders” looking to instruct as a way of building hours for a commercial pilot position.

5. 24/7 Access For Club Members

When you’re a member of Advantage Aviation, you’re always welcome– literally. All of our aircraft scheduling is available 24/7! We have an automated dispatch system which allows our members instant access to our fleet of aircraft, even out of hours.

Additionally, all members have around-the-clock access to our clubhouse and all facilities, enabling them to book aircraft and fly on their schedule, not ours.

6. Competitive Rates

After touring our club and seeing everything Advantage Aviation has to offer, prospective members often have sticker shock– they’re amazed our club rates are so low.

The premium flight club experience provided to Advantage Aviation members doesn’t come at a premium price. You’ll find that our dues and aircraft rental rates are in line with other clubs in the area who don’t provide half the benefits of Advantage Aviation.

Why Wouldn’t You Choose Advantage Aviation?

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Or just stop by. We’d love to show you around!

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Advantage Aviation

1903 Embarcadero Road Palo Alto, CA 94303 (Click here for directions)

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