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Introductory Flight Package

Looking For a New Adventure?

Are you seeking a new, thrilling hobby? Are you interested in exploring and learning new skills and technologies? Or perhaps you’re just in love with the idea of taking flight? Whether you’ve been dreaming of becoming a pilot for years or have just heard about what a great hobby flying can be, Advantage Aviation can help.

Our introductory flight package is a great way to taste the freedom, thrill, and just plain fun of piloting an airplane. You’ll feel like a kid again the first time you lift off and see Palo Alto, the Pacific Ocean, and the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area from a whole new perspective.

Intro to Flight Testimonial

I took my introductory flight and it was a lot of fun! My instructor had me do the flying and it was incredible. My son came along and had a blast. The club is really well-furnished and well-run. The members were friendly to me and my boy as well.

–Donley P.

Looking For a New Adventure?
Introduction to Flying

An Introduction to Flying, not Just Another Aerial Tour

At Advantage Aviation, our introductory flight package is intended for those who have a real interest in learning what it takes to become a pilot. It’s much more instructional and hands-on than nearby discount-coupon demo flights.

What to Expect

Your experience will start with an introduction to the essentials of flying with an experienced instructor. He or she will teach you the basics of flying an airplane, review the cockpit controls, and explain how they affect the aircraft’s flight.

After that, you’ll prepare for your flight. Your instructor will show you how to perform the pre-flight safety inspection, and you will be ready for takeoff!

When the aircraft has reached a safe altitude, the instructor will give you control of the aircraft, and you will fly the airplane yourself and experience the true thrill of piloting a plane– your instructor will handle takeoff and landing.

What’s Included In Our Introductory Flight Package

  • 2 hours of professional flight instruction (including 1 hour aircraft flight time)
  • Take the controls of the aircraft once at a safe altitude and fly the plane yourself
  • See the majestic views of the San Francisco Bay – from the front seat
  • Pilots log book, recording your accrued instruction
  • Instruction time counts towards FAA pilot license requirements
  • Note: Flight must be scheduled within 90 days of purchase

This package is a $300 value, but if it’s your first visit to Advantage Aviation, your cost is only $199– a savings of over $100.

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Introduction to Flying

Customizing Your Experience

Most aspiring pilots choose to learn to fly using analog flight instruments– often called the “six pack” or “steam gauges.” This provides the widest range of aircraft to choose from, and also helps develop strong foundational flying skills without the distractions of more complex computerized flight systems.

However, if you’re interested in learning to fly in a “glass cockpit”, our range of Garmin G1000 equipped aircraft are available for your introductory flight.

Plus, why not bring a friend or loved-one to enjoy the experience? We can accommodate one extra passenger in the back seat to enjoy the excitement of your introductory flight!

  • $15 additional for a Garmin G1000 glass cockpit
  • $15 additional for sightseeing passenger (one passenger max)
Customizing Your Experience
Why Advantage Aviation?

Why Advantage Aviation?

Simply put, we focus on training safe pilots in high quality, modern and well maintained aircraft.

We pride ourselves in providing the best flight club experience in the Bay Area. We have a fully staffed reception area and provide round-the-clock access to our members.

We have the best fleet in the area, with outstanding in-house maintenance services, a wide range of aircraft, and the best instructors around.

The best part? Our membership dues and aircraft rental rates are comparable to other flight clubs that only have a fraction of our amenities. Advantage Aviation club members receive a premium flight club experience at an affordable price. We invite you to come check us out, and compare us to the competition. Then you will understand why our motto is “Setting the Standard”.

Give the Gift of Flying!
Intro to Flight testimonial
I bought my husband the introductory package. It was a great place to begin to learn how to fly.
He had a great time and is now studying for his private pilot license!
— Jennifer B.

Looking for the perfect gift for the person who has it all and is impossible to shop for? Give them an experience they’ll never forget: an introductory flight lesson with an experienced flight instructor from Advantage Aviation. And you never know, you might be introducing the recipient to a lifelong passion for flight!

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Why Advantage Aviation?

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