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Darryl Kalthof



Darryl Kalthof

CFI, CFII, MEI, FAA Gold Seal, FE, A&P mechanic

B.S. Flight Operations – San Jose State University

Experience as air cargo and airline pilot

Bay area instructor since 1993

I’m Darryl Kalthof, a professional flight instructor with 20+ years and 10,000+ hours teaching people to fly light planes.  I can help you with all pilot certificates and ratings except aerobatics. Over 175 pilots have earned their certificate or ratings with me.

Giving flight instruction is my full-time passion, not a part-time pastime. I have no other job commitments, so I will never cancel your lesson at the last moment to fly someone’s corporate jet. I work most of the time from 8 am-5 pm Monday through Friday.

I can help you with ground as well as flight instruction. Most of my students choose self study with syllabus reading assignments from Jeppesen, FAA or other book, and I have created dozens of my own detailed handouts. I also have Sporty’s and Jeppeson Private and Instrument DVD courses that I can loan out to students. I also have created over 50 handouts available to my students at my website My handouts are more specific and give greater detail than flying textbooks or videos and so my students learn faster than most and save time and money. I would be glad to meet with you to discuss your training needs and explain my syllabus, training handouts, and teaching methods.

After students earn their private certificate I recommend they continue on and earn an instrument rating. Flight simulators can be used for 20 of the 40 required hours. I enjoy teaching students in simulators. They are highly effective and economical tools which substantially reduce the cost of obtaining an instrument rating.
I can give instruction in glass cockpit aircraft using the Garmin G1000 and Avidyne systems. I also teach VFR and IFR GPS procedures in Garmin 430/530 and King KLN 89B/94 equipped aircraft.

When I’m not working I enjoy, spending time with my family, boating, hiking, bicycling, movies, and entertaining at home. If you would like to talk more about flying email me, or call me.



Phone: 510-299-3940

Instruction rate: $90 per hour