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Andy Geosits

CFI, CFII, MEI, FAA Gold Seal, AGI, High-Performance, Tailwheel, Aerobatics


I began my flying career in 1979, flying citabria’s with a bush pilot from Alaska, who introduced me to aerobatics early in my primary training. After earning my private certificate one of the first aerobatic planes I flew was a home built Pitts-S1. I transitioned into a Great Lakes and then into a Stearman.

In 1984 I stopped flying devoting my time to building my business and home life. After twelve years, in 1996, I began again and obtained an Instrument rating, commercial rating, multiengine instrument commercial and pursued aerobatics. I have flown Pitts S1-S, S2-B, S2-C, Model-12, Extra 200 and 300, Sukhoi SU-29, and thanks to Mary a Giles 202 and Yak 52. In the range of Antique Aircraft I have been fortunate enough to fly planes like the De Havilland Tiger Moth, different Ryan’s and Waco Biplanes, Great Lakes and a number of Stearman’s.

I am now a full time instructor at Advantage Aviation and enjoy teaching primary, commercial, tailwheel, aerobatics and multiengine. I had the opportunity to fly one of the first Twin Stars home from London, Canada for a club and enjoy teaching G1000 in the new Baron, all Cessna’s, and Cirrus Perspective.


Phone: (650) 888-3050 C
Rates: $90 (Block Rate Available) per hour