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Nathan Mellin

I’ve been a pilot since 2002 and a couple years ago encountered some IMC, which motivated me to get my IFR and Commercial ratings. I just became an instructor in July of 2020 and find that I love teaching and helping other students accomplish their goals, just as past instructors have helped me.

I know the value of a concentrated learning environment or even going to part 141 school, however I also know not everyone is able to dedicate a large chunk of time at once. I am flexible and can work with your schedule to customize the training to your needs.

Flying across the state or to a neighboring state is a unique experience and a great way to gain experience in cross country flying with varying weather and unexpected problems. It’s a wonderful way to travel and a great teacher.

If you are seeking your Private Pilot, Commercial or IFR rating, Flight review, IPC, or just want a demo flight, I’d be glad to help you to get started.

As I currently have a full time job, I’m available weekends and evenings during the week. And of course, I won’t ever leave you in the middle of your training to take a job with the airlines; I’m passionate about teaching as much as I am about flying.