Melek Kamel

Hello folks,
My name is Melek Kamel. I am a full-time flight instructor who loves flying and teaching. I find that most people really love flying, but they can’t afford the training, or they want to keep the training costs to the minimum without sacrificing quality.
Here are some tips that we are going to follow to achieve that:
  • Preparing for the lesson by reading the assigned text every week.
    • I know reading gets boring sometimes, so I will assign videos to watch every week too from approved FAA online courses. Either KING SCHOOL, or SPORTY’S pilot courses.
  • Preparing and taking lots of notes is a huge plus to refresh your memory before getting to fly in the airplane.
  • We will also practice on the simulator before we fly to get a background of what the lesson is about.
  • We will keep our training in a steady constant speed to get the most out of it.

There is more to discuss also once we start our training. So go ahead and take the first step and let’s schedule an intro flight, so we can talk about everything in details, and you get to see how it feels when you take control of the airplane.

A bit more about me: I am a flight instructor with more than 1600 hours of teaching. Engineering major originally, but I found flying is the most enjoyable thing you can do in life. You will find that I am very patient about flying and teaching. I totally realize that every person learns in a different way and speed, so my job is to adjust my teaching methods to yours.

I am available on the weekends, weekdays, and after hours.

Please leave a text message or call me at 818-614-7009