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Marco Caflisch

I specialize in teaching on Advantage Aviation’s WWII-era North American T-6 ‘Texan’ warbird – find out more at

I started flying in England over 20 years ago and received my Private Pilot License before I’d taken my first driving lesson! I now hold Flight Instructor (Airplane Single and Multi Engine, Instrument), Commercial Pilot (Airplane Single Engine Land and Sea, Multi Engine Land, Instrument; Glider), Advanced Ground Instructor and Remote Pilot (sUAS) certificates, and have built up over two thousand hours of flying experience in more than 115 different airplane types along the way.

I’m lucky to be able to enjoy a wide variety of flying, from jets to seaplanes to aerobatics in experimental taildraggers. Every flight and every airplane offers an opportunity to learn something new – one of many aspects of aviation I find so alluring and strive to share with students.

When not in the air I work on aerospace projects at Google X, following roles building teams and products at startups and corporate strategy at a Fortune 500.  I studied at Cambridge and Stanford Universities where I received graduate degrees in Applied Physics and Aeronautical Engineering.