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Jim Hopp

My goal as a flight instructor is to help you achieve your aviation goals safely, efficiently, and enjoyably. That means figuring out how you learn best and instructing that way. It means adapting the syllabus to make sure you’re trained for the type of flying you plan to do (we’ll cover all the FAA requirements, of course, but if you plan to take trips then we’ll spend more time on cross-country flights, for example).  It means providing a positive, safe, supportive training environment.

I learned to fly when I turned 40. When I retired from software, I decided that being a flight instructor would combine my love of flying and hanging out with aviation people with the enjoyment I get from helping someone achieve challenging milestones. I instruct full-time, so I have pretty open availability.

If you want to learn to fly, or just learn more about the flight training process, get in touch!