Edwin Andrew Roman-Antunez

Hello Everyone, 

I am majoring in aeronautical science. I took this decision when I was about 15 years old. I would fly kites all day with the desire to someday fly, me flying without the use of anything, something like the birds do as their nature. besides, my favorite animal on earth is Mister eagle. You can guess why. 

I was born in San Jose CA., but my parents decide to raise me in Acapulco de Juarez, Guerrero Mexico. I lived in Mexico for 8 years and decided to move back to San Jose because it was the best place to learn aviation and pursue my career. I am bilingual; English and Mexican. 

While growing up, I was super curious, yet something a little out of the normal; I would ask about anything and follow up with, “Why and How” my goal was to get as much information as I could, I learned to swim when I was 6 years old, had my first job at 8 years old, learned to drive Stick Shift when I was 12 years old, worked at a mechanic shop at 13 years old. I guess curiosity made me chase many things, but it never changed my vision to become a pilot. 

I believe there are many things I still need to learn because we never stop learning, but I feel confident, curious, and driven to keep pursuing my goals. I want to share my Aviation knowledge with other people in return for the help I’ve gotten. I would commit to helping others achieve their goals as I accomplished mine.