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Ed Stephan

My aviation journey began at Advantage Aviation with a discovery flight that my wife purchased for me for my birthday. I made use of it on the last day that it was valid, and I am forever grateful that I did not let it go to waste! I never looked back.

From then on I was “drinking from the fire hose,” as one of my instructors liked to put it. I am a professional musician by trade, as a full-time member of the San Francisco Symphony, and I have been teaching for two decades at universities across the U.S. and presenting masterclasses all over the world. I am fully committed to aviation alongside my performing career, and I bring the discipline, passion, structure, and creativity of that lifetime of work to my flying and instructing. I also believe wholeheartedly in using all available resources for gaining knowledge and experience.

Advantage Aviation is a spectacular home for an aspiring aviator, with so many wonderful instructors and with the Bay Area at your fingertips. I can’t wait to help you on your journey, whether you’re coming to it fresh, or wanting to pick up where you left off in a former life. Shoot me a line!