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Doug Peterman

Aviation largely influenced my life from the beginning. My dad earned a Private Pilot’s License before I was born. So I began flying with him before I could even see over the dash. My oldest brother has been a fighter pilot in the Air Force since 2005. I logged my first official lesson at 14 years old, soloed at 16, completed the Private License at 17. Then continued training full time finishing: multi-engine and single engine commercial with instrument privileges when I was 19.

After completing a B.S. in Business Management at Oregon State University in 2015, I moved to the Bay Area to continue a career in general aviation. I have been able to teach full time at Advantage Aviation since 2016 and strongly believe the Bay Area is the best place to learn how to fly or improve your pilot skills with additional ratings. The quality of teaching at Advantage is unmatched and I feel privileged to be an instructor here at Palo Alto.