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Doug Peterman

Aviation has largely influenced my life from the beginning. I began flying with my dad as “co-pilot” before I could even see over the dash. I logged my first official lesson at 14 years old, soloed at 16 and completed the Private License at 17. I then continued training full time finishing multi-engine and single-engine commercial with instrument privileges when I was 19 in 2011.

After completing a B.S. in Business Management at Oregon State University in 2015, I moved to the Bay Area to continue a career in aviation. I have been able to teach full time at Advantage Aviation since 2016. I’m also Lead Captain in a King Air as part of Advantage Aviation Charter, flying all over the western half of the U.S.

I strongly believe the Bay Area is the best place to learn and earn your pilot certificate. The quality of teaching at Advantage Aviation is unmatched and I feel privileged to be an instructor here at Palo Alto.