Derick Day

I have been in love with airplanes since I can remember. I started flying in 2001 after spending 10 years in pharmacy.

After receiving my Private Pilot Certificate, I started flying aerobatics and immediately fell in love. By the time I finished my Commercial Certificate I had more time upside down than I had right side up. It was through aerobatics that I discovered tailwheel airplanes. Once again, a love affair ensued.

The first part of my flying career was spent in the LA basin. I went to work for an airline after building the appropriate time as an instructor and found out that I did not like “line flying.” I relocated to the Bay area in 2006 and started teaching again a short time later.

I am happy to teach in any type of airplane but I will always bring the tailwheel spirit and sensibility to the process. I am a stick and rudder instructor with a belief that technology compliments the process.

My job is to help you make sense of the interaction between the Plane, Pilot, and Environment. I feel it is important to have an understanding of the process and not just regurgitate a bunch of facts to an examiner.

IG @derickeday