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Learn to Fly in the Bay Area

Why Fly?

Whether you’re looking for a challenging, high-tech new hobby, have always dreamed of flying a plane or are looking for a way to avoid the lines, hassles, and headaches associated with air travel, Advantage Aviation is simply the best Bay Area flight school.

Did You Know? There are over 13,600 airports in the United States– and that over 75% of major airline flights operate out of just 46 major metropolitan airports. That means 70% of all airline passengers are just shuttled among 30 hub airports.

With thousands of airports not served by commercial aviation and the time and hassle associated with airline travel, it makes more sense than ever to explore the benefits of becoming a private pilot or owning a private aircraft.

Not to mention – it’s really fun to fly a plane!

About Learning to Fly With Advantage Aviation

Advantage Aviation offers beginning pilots flight instruction at very affordable rates. Our flight training school offers an introductory flight and a huge variety of aircraft rentals for your convenience. We can even help you with the purchase of your very own aircraft. We take pride in providing top quality aircraft management and pilot services along with a premium flight club experience.

Advantage Aviation is located at the Palo Alto airport in the heart of Silicon Valley. We have our own private ramp, with aircrafts located just outside the door– perfect for anyone who wants to learn to fly in the Bay Area. We even provide private parking for our overnight travelers. Our 10,000 square foot hangar shelters our customers’ aircraft and provides both in-house and outside maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of License Do I Need?

If you’re completely new to flying, we recommend you start by earning your Private Pilot License (PPL). However, the FAA does offer two other beginner certifications that you may have heard of: Recreational Pilot and Sport Pilot. The Recreational Pilot certification was designed as a restricted, lower-cost certificate, and has for the most part been superseded by the Sport Pilot certificate. We do offer Sport Pilot training, however there are significant limitations regarding aircraft and privileges which means that most people go straight for a private pilot license.

Please contact us if you have further questions about license types.

How Much Does It Cost To Learn To Fly?

The answer varies for each individual. Like any other skill, practice and dedication are keys to becoming a successful pilot. Everyone learns at a different rate, and the time (and cost) required to earn your wings will depend on a number of factors:

  • Individual skill, coordination and experience
  • How many times per week you will be able to fly
  • Amount of solo-time spent practicing your skilling in the traffic pattern
  • Amount of time available to spend studying ground materials

On average, pilots at our flight school who earn their PPL will require between 60-80 hours of flying time. Before diving in too deeply, we recommend you begin with a low-cost introductory flight. This is an affordable way to experience flying with your first lesson, actually try flying the airplane, and talk to an instructor in depth about what is required.

Your instructor will be able to give you a better idea of costs after spending some time with you and understanding you and your schedule.

What Types of Planes Do You Have?

Learn to Fly Amazing Planes!

For students who want to learn to fly in the Bay Area, our flight school has access to more modern rental aircraft than any other Bay Area flight club. We have a huge selection of Garmin G1000 glass cockpit aircraft, as well as planes featuring more traditional avionics. Not sure what this means? No problem! Your instructor will be happy to explain the difference and help you choose the best aircraft for your needs!

Why Choose Advantage Aviation?

Learn to Fly with Advantage AviationWe’re committed to providing a safe, modern flight school experience with high quality, modern and well-maintained aircraft. There’s simply no comparable flight school anywhere in the Bay Area.

Why? At Advantage Aviation…

  • We provide round-the-clock access for our members.
  • We have the best fleet in the area, with outstanding in-house maintenance services, a wide range of aircraft, and the best instructors around.

The best part? Our membership dues and aircraft rental rates are comparable to other flight clubs that only have a fraction of our amenities.

Advantage Aviation club members receive a premium flight club experience at an affordable price. We invite you to come check us out and compare us to the competition. Then you will understand why our motto is “Setting the Standard”.

So, contact us today! We’d love to show you around and show you why we’re the best Bay Area flight school and flight club.

Learn to Fly TestimonialVery well maintained planes with incredible selection and quantity. Instructors are awesome. I work with Amos who is great. The front desk staff very knowledgable and friendly.

If you want to explore flight or take your flying skills to the next level this is the flight school for you!

— Jason S.


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